Repeal Bill Fails in Senate

Tonight, by a narrow 49 to 51 vote margin, the Senate rejected the so-called "skinny repeal" amendment to the ACA. This legislation, if passed, would have removed the individual mandate to purchase health insurance, among other provisions of Obamacare. It was a last-ditch GOP effort to pass some kind of repeal, in order to satisfy 7 years of promises to their conservative base to do so, despite the overwhelming popularity of this healthcare program benefiting the general public.

The GOP Healthcare Act is DOA

Car repair is expensive. That's why we are required to have car insurance. In the measurable likelihood that your car is wrecked, you pay a reasonable deductible to get your car fixed up to spec. Society benefits for everyone paying premiums into a pool so that we don't end up with roads filled with unrepaired, unsafe cars.

Why We Need Universal Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage

Migrant Mother / Dorothea Lange, Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information / Office of Emergency Management / Resettlement Administration • Public domain

Some people wonder why health insurance plans should cover services like maternity care, even if they think they will never personally need it. Trump's pick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Seema Verma, testified in Congress that she thinks maternity coverage should be optional, even for women. Let me explain why this is a terrible idea.

March4Healthcare Renews Mission

It's been almost eight years since the first March4Healthcare rallies. A lot has changed since then. We got a healthcare reform bill in the ACA that didn't include the public option we were marching for. We did get more universal coverage and an end to some of the most barbaric health insurance industry practices such as lifetime caps on coverage and rejection based on pre-existing conditions.