March4Healthcare Renews Mission

It's been almost eight years since the first March4Healthcare rallies. A lot has changed since then. We got a healthcare reform bill in the ACA that didn't include the public option we were marching for. We did get more universal coverage and an end to some of the most barbaric health insurance industry practices such as lifetime caps on coverage and rejection based on pre-existing conditions. Millions of people have access to healthcare who didn't before, and could start going to their doctors and receive treatment for their maladies without needing to resort to getting really sick and visiting emergency rooms or going bankrupt.

However, our advances in healthcare coverage are now threatened by a new Republican presidential administration and Congress who are hell-bent on repealing and replacing the ACA, which they insist on calling 'Obamacare', with an as-yet-undefined plan of their own. So far we've heard few specifics except vague promises that it would be better and cheaper. Meanwhile, millions of people are at risk if the provisions which benefit them are yanked away.

In an effort to preserve our access to affordable healthcare, and indeed fight for even better reforms, March4Healthcare is reconstituting its members and seeking to draw together all Americans who believe in this mission. We will organize our membership to march and rally together to put political pressure on our representatives to consider our needs before those of the health insurance lobbyists. If they repeal the ACA, we are insisting on single-payer Medicare for All as a replacement. We have a human right to seek healthcare, and a moral obligation to help our fellow members of society to receive care. Our country is only as strong as its weakest members. Let's rise up to support then. March!