The GOP Healthcare Act is DOA

Car repair is expensive. That's why we are required to have car insurance. In the measurable likelihood that your car is wrecked, you pay a reasonable deductible to get your car fixed up to spec. Society benefits for everyone paying premiums into a pool so that we don't end up with roads filled with unrepaired, unsafe cars.

Health insurance is the same thing, but for people. We all benefit when people get consistent, preventative care and maintenance medication. Fewer people end up in ER rooms with unpayable bills that lead to collections and bankruptcy. Those with childhood diseases or cancer don't hit lifetime caps and become untreatable financial burdens. The poor aren't discriminated against on the basis of their present financial circumstances for access to healthcare. The elderly aren't charged at a high ratio for premiums, and prices don't go up for everyone due to so many people dropping out of the system because prices have skyrocketed up due to healthy people leaving and sick people staying on their life-saving plans. This process is known as an insurance death spiral. The ACA was helping us avoid going into one of those.

"I've got mine" is such an egotistical, short-sighted, and socially backward way of looking at healthcare policy. If we really all needed to save for the direct costs of our healthcare, rather than just having a reasonable national insurance program like they've managed to put together for every other advanced nation on the planet, we would all face bankruptcy or too much uncertainty from the risk of financial ruin, that it would severely impair America's ability to grow. It actually already has. We have a rising maternal mortality rate, and a lower life expectancy, yet spend more per capita than anybody else in the world for this system. I'm sure employers would love to be able to spend more money on capital improvements and skilled personnel rather than funding their employees' healthcare plans.

What we don't need is the Republican healthcare plan. Ryancare, Trumpcare, "The World's Greatest Healthcare Plan", or whatever else you want to call it, should be considered DOA, because it doesn't deliver more coverage for fewer dollars like the GOP promised, and it even sets us up for an insurance death spiral by incentivizing healthy people to leave the program while simultaneously removing subsidies for poor healthy people to join.

What we do need is single payer, or Medicare for all. This is a proven system to control costs, providing universal coverage equitably by having the government provide the health insurance and pay doctors and hospitals directly, with no greedy middlemen (and all their lobbyists). When we advocate for a healthcare system that can e better than Obamacare, that's the model we need to support. The ACA put in a lot of necessary reforms and has improved the lives of many, but if we want to be the greatest, we need to actually aim higher.